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Amid the cold and deep snows of midwinter, the wolf packs howl hungrily throughout the land.  A lone rider comes with a missive from the Company of the Azure Rose in the fairest kingdom Trimaris far to the south where alas the sun still shines. 

The Most Noble Company of the Azure Rose shall host a grand and glorious tournament of lance and sword near the borderlands with Riversmor to honor the Ladies of the Rose of the Knowne World.  Beautiful and Noble Ladies of greatest virtue will award rich prizes and largesse.  Chivalric Knights and their Squires shall take to the field to hone their skills of war bringing with them their fierce Archers and loyal Hounds.  The warm and sturdy lodge along the winding river shall be filled with minstrels and bards of great renown.  The tables shall be set for feasting beyond words.  The night shall bring wondrous dancing and bardic celebration.  As we come together in the Spirit of Friendship to ward off the wolves of winter.

Folks coming in from all over the Knowne World to share the fun!

Come make new friends!





Baroness Aurora Trevelyan

MKA Rory Williams

1630 Rockerman Ave.

Jacksonville, FL 32221


Lord Guilliaume LeClere

MKA William LeClere

11123 Harbour R Ln.

Jacksonville, FL 32225



Lord Martin Aubert

MKA William Stebbins

1275 Sunray Ct.

Jacksonville, FL 32218



Maryellen Trevelyan

MKA Mary Moler


Feast is by pre-reservation only, limited to 100.  Feast reservations must be received by 12/20/05





Day trip: $11.00

1 Night: $16.00

2 Nights: $24.00

Non-members add $6.00

Feast add $8.00

Children under 12 free, no family  charges more than three adult site fees

Make checks payable to SCA d/b/a Shire of Riversmor


Equestrian Marshal

Baroness Brenna MacGrioghair

MKA Deonne Barger

1630 Rockerman Ave.

Jacksonville, FL 32221



Please contact the EMIC if bringing horses

Separate Self Pay Options


Trail Rides

Golf Cart Rentals

Stall Reservations

$71.00 per night, modern AC/heated cabins each include kitchen and bathroom with shower.  Sleeps 6

Contact Spirit of the Suwannee at 386-364-1683 to reserve.

Guided trail ride rentals available for $35.00, contact SOS Stables at 386-364-5661.

$35.00 for a 24 hour rental.  Contact Spirit of the Suwannee Country Store at 386-364-4841 to reserve


$12.50 per night, 12 X 12 stalls. Contact Spirit of the Suwannee at 386-364-1683 to reserve.  Proof of negative Coggins required. Florida  Law Requires Heath Certificate for out of state livestock.

Event fees include tenting, with water and electrical hookups at each site

This is an official Kingdom War Practice Siege weapons and cannons welcome!

All dogs are welcome, grey or otherwise, pets not allowed in cabins.

Merchants welcome please contact Countess Carmenetta

This is a wet site

Click Below For Tentative Schedule



Heated and Air Conditioned Cabins.  Electricity and Water at every camp site!


Scotch Eggs

Peaches and Cream

Banana Nut Bread

Carrot Bread

Pumpkin Bread





Bread and Honey Butter

Seafood and Mushroom Appetizer

Spiced Chicken  Soup

Tomato and Cucumber Salad

Spiced Apples

Pork with Herb Stuffing

Roast Beef

Loaded Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans with Bacon

Pistachio Cheesecake

Spectacular Luncheon Fundraiser - Sponsored by the Thorns of the Azure Rose



Featuring the 4th Annual "Emprise of the Azure Rose"

Also hosting the

"Inspiration of the Azure Rose"
 Equestrian Tournament for Beginners


Amazing Largesse Presented by Duchess Elspeth Trelawney MacNaughton

and the Most Esteemed Company of the Azure Rose and Lady Nem of Atlantia



800 Scenic Acres in North Florida

Promising Something For Everyone!

War Practice

Equestrian Tournaments

Heavy Weapons Tournament

Light Weapons Tournaments

Seige Weapons

Youth Combat



Music and Dancing


This Site Can Gleefully Host 30,000

For more site details:


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The Wolf Pack


Baroness Aurora  and Lord Guillame

Reservations Crat

William Stibbons


Maryellen Trevelyan

Equestrian Marshal in Charge

Baroness Brenna


Lady Meghan

Herald King At Arms

Baron Maredudd

Heavy Weapons Marshal

Honorable Lord Tymmgarde

Light Weapons Marshal

Don Cullen

Hall Stewards

Baroness Delilia and Honorable Lady Sinmora

Ladies Berfrois

Baroness Delilia, Honorable Lady Sinmora and Jennifer

Azure Rose Lyst Mistresses

Mistress Elfwyn and Lady Cheri  

Promotion and Prizes

Duchess Elspeth

Scrolls and Gifts

Lady Winifred

Site Herald

Friar John

Gate Crat Michael


Narielle and Gunther



Merchant Crat

Countess Carmenetta

King's Groundsman Lord Rolf

Ground Crew

Meridian Rose Company and Thorns of the Azure Rose

Children's Activities

Lady Llewella

Volunteer Coordinator

Lady Ariana

Site Chirurgeon Countess Cherish

Clean Up Crat

Lady Godiva


The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park is conveniently located near Live Oak, Florida, between Interstates 75 and 10. From I-10, take exit 283 (old exit 40) and go north on US 129 4.5 miles. From I-75, take exit 451 (old exit 85) and proceed south 4.5 miles.
Approximate Distance and Travel Times
Gainesville, FL -- 67 Miles -- 1:00
Jacksonville, FL -- 80 Miles -- 1:20
Tallahassee, FL -- 80 Miles -- 1:20
Daytona Beach, FL -- 152 Miles -- 2:20
Tampa, FL -- 165 Miles -- 2:45
Orlando, FL -- 172 Miles -- 2:46
Pensacola, FL -- 240 Miles -- 4:00
Atlanta, GA -- 265 Miles -- 4:30
Fort Myers, FL -- 293 Miles -- 4:19
West Palm Beach, FL -- 332 Miles -- 5:00
Miami, FL -- 394 Miles -- 6:00
There is scheduled airline service to Jacksonville (JAX), Tallahassee (TLH), Gainesville (GNV), and Valdosta, GA (VLD). Live Oak has a small airport for private aircraft (24J). Florida also has some of the lowest car rental rates in the country.

Live Oak Hotels Nearby include:

Holiday Inn Express

Best Western Suwannee River Inn

Econo Lodge


Check out the other Wolf Moon Site brought to you by our new web minister





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